July 21, 2024


Wedding receptions are all about having fun with your closest friends and family. You want everyone laughing, dancing, and bonding over memories in the making. A photo booth lets guests capture hilarious mementos, but why settle for the typical sticker-print photo strips or props? With a bit of creativity, your wedding photo booth steal the show.

  1. Video guestbook 

Paper guestbooks? Yawn! With today’s technology, upgrade the standard signatures and advice for the couple into hilarious video shout-outs from guests congratulating the newlyweds. Set out a tablet on an attractive stand near your photo booth and have attendees tap the screen to record short, 10-30-second video messages for you. Get greeted with a flurry of laughter, air kisses, champagne toasts, and funny words of wisdom all in living color on video. The compilation will be a treasured keepsake.

  1. Caricature artist 

A professional caricature artist stationed by your photo booth cranks up both the entertainment level and take-home memorabilia for guests! As attendees wait in line for photo booth pics, an artist rapidly sketches free-hand caricatures of wedding guests that veer slightly or wildly from realistic portraits. Because caricatures affectionately exaggerate features for comedic effect, they make amazing momento art guests will cherish. Between posing for photos with props and getting their likenesses drawn as keepsakes, your guests will be grateful for awesome entertainment options.

  1. DIY flipbooks 

Flipbooks create the nostalgic, in-motion animation effect of a series of photos rapidly flipped through. Set some festive flipbook supplies like mini notebooks, glue sticks, and pens alongside your photo booth backdrop to let guests get their creative juices flowing. Provide some quick directions take four sequential pictures in silly poses, paste them into a mini notebook in order, then flip pages fast to see yourself in funny “motion”. Guests will eat up making their flipbook creations to take home. Increase the creative and memory-making fun.

  1. Photo guestbook puzzle 

Going beyond signing a guestbook, wow your wedding guests by having everyone autograph wooden jigsaw puzzle pieces you supply near the photo booth zone. When complete, take one picture per guest or couple, print multiple copies, and cut and paste their photo in the middle of their signed puzzle square. Later, assemble all pieces to create a custom framed photo guestbook puzzle showcasing images of all your nearest and dearest, with their signatures surrounding their pictures in an artsy mosaic effect! Talk about useful favors this photo puzzle guestbook will certainly be prominently displayed in couples’ homes forevermore.

  1. Custom snapchat geofilter 

If you have a Snapchat-savvy crowd, excite guests by creating a custom filter with your wedding date, name/initials, or hashtag only available in your reception venue during event times! You can set parameters so any guest snapping photos in your reception vicinity select your special artistic overlay frame. Not only will it interject loads of fun into social media shares, but seeing your custom geofilter pop up throughout the night adds a high-tech vibe that impresses attendees. Consider assigning someone as your social media volunteer to provide guests with photo booth props that hint at adding your filter for even more social buzz.

Ready to up your photo booth game? 

Typical premium photo booths uk with silly props make for fun reception entertainment on their own. But keeping guests surprised and delighted takes next-level creativity. Employ any combo of these seven fresh photo booth concepts to make yours an event guests can’t stop raving about. From custom artistic creations to high-tech digital dazzle, wow factors abound with photo booths. And those memories and mementos from your once-in-a-lifetime celebration become all the more unforgettable.