March 1, 2024
What You Should Know Before Ordering Custom Graphic Tees

Graphic tees are a great gift idea for employees and customers, Here’s what you should consider before placing an order

Custom graphic t-shirts are a great way to promote your business and show your appreciation to staff and customers.

You can use the shirts to create a uniform appearance for employees, while also helping to ensure their comfort at work. Tees are often a preferred dress code for employees. The shirts are comfortable and allow for plenty of movement.

Your customers will also appreciate a well-designed custom tee shirt. Every time they wear the tee, your business is getting free advertising.

However, before placing your order for custom tshirt printing you should consider a few factors.

What Are You Using the Custom Shirts For

Before contacting a tshirt printing service, think about what the tee shirts are for.

For example, if the shirts are to promote your business you probably want the custom tshirt printing company to use large designs with bright colors. You may even want to select bright t- t-shirt colors, instead, of sticking with traditional black or white colored tees.

When you are ordering shirts as part of a uniform, consider your business. Restaurants and coffee shop owners may want to go with darker-colored shirts to help hide any stains.

Customer t-shirts should have a tasteful design or logo. Remember, you want your customers to become ambassadors for your brand every time they wear the shirt.

Do You Only Need a Few Shirts or a Bulk Order

Figuring out how many custom shirts to order can be tricky. A helpful tip is to think about who will be wearing the shirts.

If you are contacting a tshirt printing service to create employee uniforms, start with a head count. After counting the number of employees, go ahead and double the number of shirts you need.

A good rule to follow is to order at least two shirts for each employee. This way, your staff should always have a clean shirt to wear during their shirt.

Deciding how many custom tees you need for a customer giveaway is a little more complicated. You can use sales receipts to get a general idea of how many customers typically visit your store.

Ask the printing company about bulk specials. You may end up with a few more tee shirts than necessary, but you can also save them for another promotional event.

Besides, ordering in bulk is typically less costly than only ordering a few custom shirts.

Inquire About Delivery

Chances are you are ordering the custom graphic tees from an online printing shop.

Before placing your order, check out the delivery options and any associated fees.

Find out how long the average order takes to print, ship, and deliver.

Some services can take longer than others. You also want to place your custom tee shirt order several weeks before your event. This will help to ensure your promotional tees arrive in plenty of time.