April 19, 2024
Benefits Of Ordering Your Custom Shirts In Bulk

Learn more about the benefits associated with ordering custom shirts in bulk

Are you planning to order t-shirts and have them printed in bulk?

If not, wholesale tshirt printing is something you may want to consider.

Whether the wholesale printing service is using screen printing, digital printing, plot printing, or another type of printing technology, there are advantages to placing your order in bulk.

Before you place your next custom t-shirt order, here’s a look at the benefits associated with ordering from a wholesale tshirt printing company.

Cost Effective

Buying anything in bulk can help you save money. You can use the extra funds to support other marketing campaigns or business operations.

Bulk orders are cheaper than buying individual shirts since most t-shirt printing companies have price points for every quantity of order. Larger orders typically have a lower cost per unit.

So, the more shirts your order has, the greater the discounts, which translates into better deals. The shipping costs will also be lower when you have everything delivered at once.

Saves Time

You’ve heard the adage, that time is money. The saying applies to almost every aspect of your business.

Unfortunately, sorting out orders and monitoring inventory consume a lot of time. However, by placing a bulk order, you can save a bunch of time upfront.

Instead of ordering shirts day after day, you may only need to do it a few times a year since your supply won’t quickly run out. This will spare you from the hassle of filling out orders every time an employee ruins their shirt.

Ordering wholesale printing also helps ensure you always have a shirt to hand out to a customer.

The Branded Shirts Have a Consistent Appearance

Bulk-buying printed shirts is also beneficial if you want consistency in the merchandise or goods you’re planning to sell or use.

Since you’re getting the items from a single source, you won’t have to worry about discrepancies in the quality of the shirts you purchase.

The materials, ink, and images will turn out the same. Plus, you can get high-quality branded shirts at a fixed and lower price.

The Shirts Are Always In Stock

By ordering and printing t-shirts in bulk, you will always have the inventory you need.

There will be a supply of company T-shirts available for your new employees. If you’re bulk buying t-shirts for promotional items, you will have stocks for launching events or whenever you need one.

If you’re selling t-shirts, you can prevent losing customers by stocking up on their favorite items.


Some businesses plan on selling their branded shirts whether at events, in-store, or online. This means you need a high-profit margin to justify ordering graphic tees.

However, one factor affecting your company’s ability to make money is its expenses, which can get out of control rapidly if you’re not careful.

Whether you have an online store or are trying to promote your business with merchandise, you can lessen the number of expenses with bulk buying or t-shirt printing.

Since you can get the items at a lower cost, you can also resell them at a price that will help you gain the highest profit possible.